Heat Storage Balls

Our heat storage ceramic balls features high strength, low abrasion loss, large heat capacity and thermal conductivity result in efficient heat storage performance, excellent resistance to high temperature and the thermal shock. The heat storage ceramic ball has good thermal stability, big heat capacity, excellent thermal conductivity, high regenerative efficiency, extreme changes in temperature without cracking, strong slag resistance, high strength, good wear resistance and other advantages.
Mass small heat storage ceramic balls divide airflow into small flow. When airflow pass through in heating storage ball, disordered flow is formed. It bursts boundary layer of storage ball. Because of small diameter of ball, small conductive diameter, small heating block, high density, good conductivity. The requirement that heating storage type burner commute frequently and speedily can come true.

Characters of heat storage ceramic ball
1. The high efficiency heating storage ball produced by our company, its surface area can reach 240m2/m3.
2. Heat accumulator make use of 20~30 times/h commutation, after the high temperature smoke flow trough bed layer of heat accumulator, the smoke flow falling to 130 C is discharged.
3. The heating storge ball have strong oxidation resistance and slag-resistane etc.
4. The exchange and clean out of ceramic ball is very convenient, it can be used repeatly.
5. In the same pathway, the high temperature coal gas and airflow through heat accumulator can warm up respectively to lower by about 100℃ than temperature of smoke gas. The efficiency of temperature can reach more than 90%.
6. The volume of heat accumulator is very smart and the circulating ability of ball bed is strong, so it will not influence heating exchange index even if resistance increase after ash deposition.

Application heat storage ceramic ball
Our thermal storage ceramic balls are specially utilized as the packing in thermal storage equipment. 
It can be used in the air separation process and functions as a kind of heat exchange medium. It's specially applied as thermal storage packing in heat accumulator of air separation equipments, heating stove of blast furnace gas in the steel industry. During the process of steel rolling, if thermal storage ball is installed, it can preheat both air and gas so as to ensure burning temperature achieve the requirement quickly required by heating of billet during steel rolling.

Advantages of heat storage ceramic ball
Smooth surface;
High mechanical strength;
High abrasion resistance;
High thermal conductivity & thermal capacity;
Excellent thermal stability & heat endurance.