Ceramic Random Packing

Ceramic candle filters are simple devices made out of clay and used to filter drinking water in order to removes turbidity, suspended materials and pathogens. Removal takes place by physical process such as mechanical trapping and adsorption on the ceramic candles, which have micro-scale pores.
Water is poured into the upper of two container and flows through a candle situated in the bottom. Once the water has passed through the candle, it is collected in the lower container. This system both treats the water and provides safe storage until it is used. The filters are easy to assemble and no energy is required. Maintenance includes frequent scrubbing with a brush and proper care during transport and its use. They can be constructed with locally available material, which can contribute to the development of local commerce.
The use of ceramic material for the filtration of drinking water is one of the oldest drinking water treatments. Nowadays, the ceramic candle filters and the colloidal silver filter (see also the colloidal silver filter fact sheet) are the most widely used. The devices consist of two compartments, which allow simultaneous treatment and save storage of the drinking water. Candle filters are used in various countries and produced by a range of manufacturers around the globe.
Ceramic candle filters basically consist of an upper and a lower container, one or more ceramic candles in between, a tap and a lid. Usually the containers have a diameter of about 30 by 25 cm depth for a treatment capacity of about 8 L and a flow rate of 1-2 L per hour per candle. The ceramic candles are screwed into the base of the upper container. To the lower container is attached a tap that allow to withdraw safe water without risking recontamination. A lid is placed on top of the upper container to prevent contamination.
Candles can have very slow flow rates, so it is common to use two or more candles in one filter. The candles are made up of clay and the container can be made from plastic, aluminium, copper, steel or clay material. Though clay containers keep water cold and tasty, due to its fragile nature other materials nowadays replace it.

Features of ceramic candle filters
High strength
Easy installation
Fine finish
Sturdy construction
Low maintenance
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