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Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic

Diesel Particulate Filter Catalytic Converters For Cars

This product can be directly oxidized and decomposed the diesel engine exhaust particulate matter (PM). Compared to the conventional platinum catalyst , since the NOx catalyst without passing through the DOC conversion NO2, thus reducing the amount of expensive platinum, lower cost, and can obtain the same decomposition performance at lower temperatures, and in temperature can be increased at the same rate of decomposition. It can also improve the combustion performance to the number of PM 's calculations , can reach more than 90% removal efficiency. Sanhe DPF and DOC units are proudly designed and manufactured , backed by outstanding warranty coverage and meet all Euro emissions standards. 

  • Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic
  • Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic
  • Schematic Diagram For Analysis of Filtering Efficiency of Principle Structure

  • Features:
    Easy Installation. Exceptional Durability. Optimum Performance.

1. Ceramic DOC technology with Zeolites designed to extend the performance of diesel catalytic converters into the low temperature range
2. Maintenance-free, reliable and cost-effective emission control solution
3. Available in both universal and direct-fit designs 
4. Mufflers are built entirely from corrosion resistant materials: aluminized and stainless steels
5. Installation time and cost are reduced to a minimum
6. DOC Catalytic Mufflers match or surpass the original muffler in sound attenuation and back pressure characteristics with addition of superior emissions performance
7. Great at reducing deadly emissions,such as Carbon Monoxide(CO) and Hydrocarbons(HC)

  • The Catalyst Substrate of DPF Particulate Capture:

The catalyst substrate of DPF particle filter is a wall-flow honeycomb ceramic with cordierite or silicon carbide as raw materials. The main component of exhaust gas excluded by diesel engine is carbon particles. DPF particle trap is installed in the exhaust system of diesel engine. A device for reducing particulate matter in exhaust gas by filtration has a filtration efficiency of over 90% for carbon particles. Working Principle: The holes of honeycomb porous ceramics are blocked alternately, and the wall holes of ceramics are used to filter and remove particulates.

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst(DOC) Three-Way Catalytic Filter:

When the high temperature automobile exhaust passes through the purification device, the purifier in the three-way catalytic converter will enhance the activity of CO, HC and NOx gases and promote their oxidation-reduction chemical reactions. Among them, CO is oxidized to colorless and non-toxic carbon dioxide at high temperature.  HC compounds are oxidized to water (H20) and carbon dioxide at high temperature. NOx is reduced to nitrogen and oxygen. Three kinds of harmful gases become harmless gases, so that the automobile exhaust can be purified.

  • We can make customized catalytic converter to meet customers' demand.

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